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Ecommerce SEO: 3 strategies that will help you boost your sales

Master the art of ecommerce SEO with these X strategies that include tips that you may not have considered until now.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most competitive spaces today, because its ultimate goal is to generate traffic to increase sales or conversions.

This web traffic is for an online store, or ecommerce, as essential as the space in which you decide to locate your physical store. In the end, everything translates into location, location, location.

However, the great advantage that SEO has over the geographical location of a physical store is that with it you can redirect traffic. As if the traffic inspectors of your locality were dedicated to making people pass towards the streets that surround your commercial area.

But, yes, the great disadvantage is that others can achieve it too. So this is a career that is won with patience and daily work, hence the importance of having a good support team to help you attract daily visits to your website.

So this time we will talk about these X strategies that you may not have considered until now and that will help you bring quality traffic to your ecommerce website.

Choose long-tail keywords

Although it is true that we all would like to position for those keywords that are in high demand, because that is where the juicy reward of SEO is found, the truth is that these usually also have a level of competition very high.

This means that you will need to invest more time, effort and money to get seen through the SERPs and see some kind of result.

If you want to shorten the path and increase sales, the ideal is to target those keywords that have a medium volume of traffic but are not as competitive because they specialize in something. These are the long tail keywords.

A generic keyword for a sports store might be the term "bicycle." But, a long tail can be "women's mountain bike" or "kid's touring bike".

You can even add some localization, like "blue helmet for cyclists San Francisco''. Thanks to the high conversion capacity of these keywords, you will increase the sales opportunities in each product of your store, reducing the investment.

Isn't this what every business owner wants?

Make the most of descriptions in ecommerce seo

If your store is multi-product, you may have been tempted to include the same manufacturer descriptions, and this is a serious mistake.

Although you will save time, the truth is that algorithms can penalize your product and leave it in the most hidden place in the SERPs. The reason is that they hate duplicate content in a certain proportion.

Product descriptions serve the same purpose as the physical store seller. So it is best to take care creating original and attractive descriptions that increase the conversion capacity of the store.

However, these are one of the least considered spaces for SEO, as they are usually used to display only features.

Add a good text loaded with synonyms to expand search opportunities, you can achieve this through tools such as Search Console.

Also take advantage of it to improve the user experience and accompany this text with original photos that activate your customer's senses when thinking about what they will get once they make the purchase.

Some stores have experienced exponential sales growth just from this detail.

Make donations for charitable causes for backlinks

Another element of great relevance within SEO is external , linking especially if it is done from a site that has a good level of authority.

Making donations can raise your content's position in the SERPs, as many of these charities reference their supporters on their pages.

The authority on the internet is transferred and this is one of the most determining factors when it comes to being classified by algorithms. In addition, this will improve the image of your brand with respect to a certain type of audience.

That is why the sales opportunities are favored by this action, so just study the organization well, its organic positioning and the scheme in which you will make your donation so that this is a profit activity for all.

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