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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

National SEO will boost your website to the top of the search results in the country. National SEO is the systematic process of optimizing a website around search engine factors in order to improve its local rankings across a broad geographic region rather than a single geographic location or no geographic location at all.

Improving Your National SEO Ranking Strategy

As always, doing keyword research at the beginning of any SEO campaign is highly recommended. To target nationwide keywords for SEO, you’re going need to avoid speaking directly about the city you operate in and more about the county if anything. Your website’s meta-tags could consist of the company name, the sector you work in, or the service your business provides, and not mention a city at all. Just be sure that your researched keywords are included.

National SEO Ranking Tactics & Digital Marketing Services

Often missed by some but this simple code mistake could be hurting your website’s SEO value nationally. If your website has the hreflang attribute set to “en-US”, you’re telling Google that your website’s content is written for American visitors. This could mean both things, your SEO value isn’t as strong in your specific country, but maybe stronger in the US.

Ranking your site Nationally Using SEO

Understanding that user intent plays a role in SEO is important too. This means, your visitor’s search term should align with their intent of your content matching their desired result. When searching on Google, you might see different results and positions based on the location you’re searching from.

As a bonus, you may even start to generate city-specific local leads, due to your website ranking for the city-based keywords too.

Use Country-Specific Based Hosting For National SEO Ranking

For both local and national SEO, having a reliable in-country-based hosting provider can be extremely useful if the majority of your customers are based there.

This allows your customers to access your website faster, which is great from a user-experience perspective and also for Google too. As page-load time, therefore website accessibility is considered to be an SEO ranking factor for Google.

Once you’ve successfully nationally established rankings for your business, you should look into becoming the absolute leader in your industry. This would include; content creation strategies, re-optimizing old content, and continuing to build upon your established authority — always providing more and more value for your visitors. A wide range of firms helps with national SEO. When browsing for a company to help with your SEO efforts, be sure they specialize in national SEO and have case studies to prove it. Look for transparency around how they plan to drive performance, and confirm that you own everything that they do (profiles, citations, etc.)

Here at Flash First Media, we do national SEO for a variety of multi-location businesses. If you’re looking for new ways to get discovered on a national level and drive more traffic, leads, and conversions, book a free consultation to learn how we can help.

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